Billy Hanson

Billy Hanson has been serving as CEO of Reliable Office Solutions since 1999. Prior to working at Reliable, Billy had spent time at a local accounting firm as well as three years in the tax department at Ernst & Young LLP in NYC. His background as a CPA provides him with the skills needed to meet the company’s financial needs and steer the organization the ever-changing and challenging business and regulatory environment we currently endure.

Billy enjoys the day-to-day operations of the company and working collaboratively with the managers and staff at Reliable Office Solutions. Reliable’ s customers participate in many diverse vertical markets and industries making it both a challenging and fulfilling task to meet customer needs. Billy spends much of his time on reinforcing and improving customer service and has taken on the role or building Reliable’ s internal software systems and developing processes with the help of a quality programming team and a highly skilled management team. This tool helps Reliable to assist customers more efficiently with their needs and enables greater vendor to customer as well as interoffice collaboration and communication.

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